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24 Open Source Apps for Admins and Technicians
10 Greatest Open Source Apps of 2009
50 Open Source Apps that Replace Popular Education Apps
Also check NewToolsWorkshop for many free Web-based tools!
60 X 60 (60 Open Source programs in 60 minutes)

Productivity Suites

  • Zoho Includes many products including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation manager, database creation/reporting, web conferencing, and customer relations tools.
  • OpenOffice (download) Cross-platform productivity suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, and drawing program. Works transparently with a variety of file formats, including those of Microsoft Office.
  • Open Office 4 Kids (simplified children's version)
  • StarOffice Suite(download) No license fees for educational use. A leading alternative office suite that offers word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database capabilities, and export to PDF in a familiar-looking interface
  • AjaxWrite13 Includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, sketching program as well as a web-based music player
  • ThinkFree Includes word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications
  • Google Docs Includes word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications. Allows users to share and collaborate in real time.

Courses, Curricula, Academic Content

Writing / Communication Tools

Presentation Tools

Mind/Concept Mapping

  • Free Mind Brainstorming and mind mapping software that outlines and organizes links. Can export to html format.
  • Bubbl.us For brainstorming and mind mapping online and sharing them online
  • Exploratree Library of thinking guides
  • Graphsy
  • MindMeister Collaborative brainstorming software that allows multiple simultaneous users
  • Mindomo Concept mapping allows you to bring in images
  • Best4C Online diagramming tool
  • Free Mind Brainstorming and mind mapping software that also outlines and organizes links and can exports to html format.
  • Gliffy (download) Create and share diagrams on the Web

Data Management

  • Centre Student information system. Tracks student demographics, includes scheduler, gradebook, calendar. Maintains attendance records, transcripts, and displays student photos. Student billing and cafeteria modules also available.
  • Weft QDA For coding and analyzing qualitative data
  • Zoho Creator Create online database applications
  • Lazybase Design, create and share databases

Operating Systems

Computer and Email Management

  • Shibboleth Allows teachers and pupils remote, secure access to online content from multiple providers using the same password, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords.
  • Thunderbird Email system includes intelligent spam filters, built-in RSS reader, and quick search
  • WebMail Hosted email, an Outlook-style interface, a choice email box sizes, virus protection and spam filters
  • Mozilla / Firefox 1.0 Browser offers popup blocker, spyware protection, and smart search features. Can import favorites and settings from other browsers.

Web Management and Design


Survey Tools

Graphics / Art / Image Management

Animation Tools

  • Blender 3D graphics creation suite for modeling, animation, rendering, game creation and more
  • Pivot Stick-figure creator & animator

Audiovisual Tools

Applications aimed toward Children and Schools

  • Squeak Media authoring and educational games for children
  • Shibboleth Allows teachers and pupils remote, secure access to online content from multiple providers using the same password, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords.
  • USDA Programs Programs for people who need help
  • Tux Paint Drawing program designed for children ages 3 and up. Has graphics and sound effects.----

Personal Organization

  • Stixy Shared bulletin boards
  • iOutliner Manage tasks, ideas and projects in structured lists

Other Tools

  • Celestia Free outer space simulation
  • GRASS Graphical Resource Analysis Support System for analyzing GIS data formats.
  • Koha Library circulation, cataloging, and acquisitions system
  • Moodle Course management system designed to help educators create online courses with a ground in constructionist pedagogy.
  • OSPI Open Source Portfolio Initiative
  • Sakai Project Online course management system
  • StarLogo Create programmable modeling environment of decentralized organizational systems (like bird flocks, traffic jams, market economies).
  • TUX&GNU@school Free Software Foundation of Europe (FSFE) reports about open source software of interest to schools
  • Zamzar Free file conversion
  • MediaConverter.org
  • Shambles Provides multiple links to sources of Web 2.0 resources----

K12 Resources

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